The spring of 2020 is not like anything – a pandemic has taken over the entire planet, the whole world has gone into self-isolation, some people are left without jobs, some have gone bankrupt, and some simply have a hard time staying at home for so long and want to save the world from a mysterious pandemic.

You can walk past a fallen older person without giving a hand to help get up. But what will you feel in your heart, then? A vivid sense of your own indifference. And every time we choose to ignore other people’s troubles, we become more unsympathetic and crueler.

And yes, most likely, there would be no selfless and brave people on Earth if each time wanting to do a good deed, they would think of a benefit they could get. Good deeds if it’s what your heart desires. People help others because they can’t live the other way.

This way, the researchers began screening healthy volunteers for their upcoming COVID-19 vaccine ChAdOx1 in the Thames Valley region not just to do a good geed, but save the whole world!

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According to their research, human subjects need to be between 18 and 55 years old. The COVID-19 vaccine called ChAdOx1 is based on the chimpanzee virus, to which part of the genetic code of coronavirus has been added.

Experts say that even if the tests are successful, it may take more than a year to develop further and thoroughly test the vaccine.

In the UK, the coronavirus vaccine has been tested on humans. The name of the first volunteer is already known – it’s Simeon Courtie, who is an English broadcaster and writer. The man wished to become a “test rabbit” and volunteer for the coronavirus vaccine trials, and now he is ready to share the side effects he had to face.

Simeon Courtie said that he consciously, of his own free will, volunteered to become the first Robin Hood for a new vaccine to put an end to the deadly pandemic.

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He said that the side effects of the vaccine include all flu symptoms, and in the worst case, fever. He also noted that pain could appear during the process of testing the vaccine, but he also confidently states that they are not destructive.

The subject explained that he was one of 500 people assisting in an Oxford vaccine trial, and he called himself “just a very small part of this thing.” The man perceives this as participating in the security-related process to see how safe it is. After the trial in the community, additional studies will be conducted to prove its effectiveness. There is no control group now, that is why this experience is so important for Simeon. He wants to clearly understand how the vaccine will work for thousands of other people.

It became known that two groups were involved in the study. The first one receives a new coronavirus vaccine, and the other gets a vaccine for meningitis. Since both vaccines cause similar side effects, the subjects are not told which group they belong to.

Simeon is not actually infected with the coronavirus. On the contrary, it is important to point out that completely healthy people were selected for this test.

It is known that the vaccine will be distributed worldwide no earlier than next year.