Facebook has decided to rename the digital wallet Calibra, so from now on, it will be called Novi. The company says the new name was inspired by the Latin words "novus" and "via," which mean "new" and "way." The digital wallet development subsidiary of Facebook will now be called Novi Financial.

Facebook Cryptocurrency: Libra & Calibra | The Internet Protocol
Rumours turn into reality! Facebook announced the new cryptocurrency and its virtual wallet.

The new name is another change that Facebook has planned regarding digital currencies. Although the company initially announced one digital currency, Libra, that was linked to a set of national currencies, it now plans to have several digital coins linked to individual currencies and the combined currency of Libra. The Novi website says that a digital wallet may initially include currencies such as the US dollar, British Pound, and Euro.

Along with the new name, the Facebook digital wallet also received a new logo. The previous Calibra logo was blamed for resembling the Current startup logo too much. The Novi logo is now styled according to the name, and the old Libra logo can be seen inside the letter "o."

Facebook’s Calibra Logo Vilified as a Piracy | The Internet Protocol
Who stole the logo idea? Unfair designer or the fatal coincidence? New York Cort will find the truth.

Despite these design changes, Facebook says its mission of Novi and Libra remains the same. The company wants to make sending money as simple as sending a message. The company plans to create a Novi app and a version for integration with WhatsApp and Messenger messaging services so users can send money to their contacts. The transactions will be deprived of hidden fees, and if necessary, users will be able to contact the support chat 24/7.

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