In collaboration with TBS and Buzzfeed Multiplayer, Electronic Arts will launch the competition reality show called The Sims Spark'd. The Sims 4 players in will be able to win $100,000. The trailer of the show was published on YouTube.

The Sims Spark'd will be released from July 17 to August 4 with four episodes. Episodes will air on TBS on Fridays and Saturdays, while an online version will be available to watch on BuzzFeed's "Multiplayer" YouTube channel the following Monday.

The competition will be attended by 12 players. There are popular streamers and bloggers among them: Plumbella, Steph0Sims, The EnglishSimmer, SpringSims, and DrGluon.

Their main task is to create characters for a limited time, build a house, and tell an interesting story about them.

"It can feel daunting if you don't know about a game like The Sims, and you go see these people make something amazing on YouTube. But putting it into a format that introduces you to the people behind those creations, that introduces you to the smaller steps through challenges, and gives you insight into how they approach them, I think breaks down some of those assumptions and some of those barriers," said Lyndsay Pearson, The Sims franchise general manager.

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The show's judges will be BuzzFeed Multiplayer blogger Kelsey Impicciche, singer Tayla Parx, and Maxis producer Dave Miotke. American Idol finalist Ryvon Owen will host the program.

The monthly audience of The Sims 4 has reached ten million players. Over the past two months, the game's audience increased by 2.5 million people on all platforms.