The online shooter Fortnite has repeatedly been used as a virtual concert hall, where Marshmallow and Travis Scott concerts have been held, and trailers and exclusive movie scenes from Tenet and Star Wars were shown. But now the game achieved the next level.

During COVID-19 quarantine, when movie theaters are closed, it is complicated to get together a friendly company to watch a movie. That's why Epic Games decided to arrange the testing of Movie Nite at Party Royale's Big Screen this Friday, June 26, with three different Christopher Nolan’s classic full-length feature films in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s Travis Scott Virtual Concert Attracted 15.2 Million Viewers
A grandiose event took place for fans of Fortnight and Travis Scott – the Astronomical virtual concert of rapper Travis Scott was watched by more than 15.2 million people.

Depending on the region, players may see Inception (2010), Batman Begins (2005), or The Prestige (2006). For details on showtimes, check out the full schedule.

Epic Games said that obtaining the right to show the film in different countries and in several languages at once is challenging. They would like to see as many viewers as possible on this night of the movie.

However, the choice of the film depends on the country in which you are located, and, unfortunately, Epic Games was not able to make this event accessible to everyone.

The company believes that watching a movie with friends and family at the Royal Party is a great idea. Next time, they will try to do everything possible so that the night of the movie becomes available to more participants.

Also, the creators of Fortnite reminded that, like in a real movie theater, screen capture or live broadcast of films is strictly prohibited. The live broadcast of an event or the films shown will be suppressed under the copyright law and other anti-piracy laws.

It should be noted that the screening of Nolan's films is a promotional campaign for the upcoming premiere of Tenet, which will take place on July 31, 2020.