A couple of weeks ago, Google began beta testing of Nearby Share — Apple's AirDrop counterpart. The beta test is already being completed, and the official launch should take place in August.

Google has already notified OEMs that a related update with Nearby Share functionality will be released next month for all Android 6.0+ devices or higher.

Nearby Share works exactly like Apple AirDrop, providing an easy and convenient way to share files. But Google wants to make Nearby Share more useful than AirDrop, which only works with Apple devices.

Google's new feature should be available on Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS, allowing users to transfer files across platforms seamlessly.

The devices' initial connection is via Bluetooth, and the transfer is already carried out using a Wi-Fi connection. As a reminder, Android Beam used NFC and Bluetooth.

Tests have shown that Nearby Sharing can be accessed from the Android quick settings menu. With its help, it will be possible to share images, videos, links, and tweets. Sending files without prior confirmation will be impossible.