Lego Games teamed up with Unity to release a free Lego Microgame project where players can create games using virtual Lego bricks without writing a single line of code.

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. It was released in 2005 at Apple’s WDC as a Mac OS X-exclusive game engine. Nowadays, the engine supports more than 25 platforms.

“We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. This mission requires making game development more accessible and lowering obstacles for new users. It’s also why we built the Unity Microgames series — to help them successfully start creating in Unity and, in the process, have fun modding within a community of users all making their first games,” reads Unity’s statement.

With this project, a playable 3D game can be created in less than an hour. The microgame lets you build miniature levels by combining premade virtual Lego bricks that will teach you the basics of Unity in a fun way, which also makes the game perfect for kids.

Interactive Behavior Bricks have assigned actions and can be combined with props and enemies to build your unique miniature level. You can also select and play with Lego minifigure characters created by Lego Games and personalize your game with various Creative Mods and Add-Ons, which include building your own custom enemy, creating a locked area to hide the loot, and choosing your own minifigure. Once the game is finished, you can share it online, which will unlock more Add-Ons.

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This whole thing became possible due to the fact that the Mario figurine has some interesting tech, namely, it is equipped with a color sensor, gyroscope, Bluetooth protocol, and an accelerometer to communicate with the digital elements of the toy.

To start creating your first game, you will need to download and install Unity itself, download the Lego Microgame project, and then walk through simple in-Editor tutorials.