In recent times, eCommerce websites have taken the Internet by storm. eCommerce offers flexible and convenient shopping options to the buyers. Moreover, it also allows businesses to generate more leads by promoting their products online and globally, reaching out to them.

Nonetheless, eCommerce businesses need massive investment in website building, search engine optimization, promotions, marketing, and various other areas to be successful. Therefore, you must get a good return on investment or ROI. There are many tools available in the market that can be used to increase eCommerce ROI. Keeping this in mind, we discuss the four best tools that you can use to increase eCommerce ROI. However, let’s first discuss why market research for eCommerce is essential, as it is one of the most significant factors in improving your eCommerce business.

Why Is Market Research for eCommerce Essential?

Conducting market research is essential for every eCommerce business for various reasons. Market research helps you gain useful consumer insights that you can use for text analytics and sentimental analysis. The primary aim for which companies conduct market research is to know their target audience. It isn’t an excellent option to start selling your products/services without having any idea about your consumers.

Moreover, you can also know about your competitor’s strategies with market research. It helps you to learn how you can improve your business. Besides, market research also helps in marketing and advertising.

Marketing research has become a necessity for eCommerce. Besides surveys and polls, various text analytics tools and eCommerce marketing platforms help in market research. Well-planned market research is one of the best ways to increase eCommerce ROI.

The Four Tools That Will Help You Increase eCommerce ROI

Below is the list of four best tools to increase eCommerce ROI:

1. Revuze

When it comes to market research, Revuze is the best option. As we have seen, market research is extremely beneficial and essential for any eCommerce business. With well-structured market research, you can maximize sales and ROI, and Revuze helps achieve all this in the easiest and hassle-free manner.

With Revuze, you can instantly gain actionable and competitive insights generated by its industry-leading AI, without the involvement of IT, market experts, or lengthy projects. It automatically collects UGC data from multiple sources and organizes it into useful insights to better understand your consumer needs.

2. Yotpo

Yotpo is a great eCommerce marketing platform to accelerate the growth of your eCommerce business. It offers the most high-end and advanced solutions for visual marketing, customer reviews, loyalty referrals, and SMS marketing. Moreover, it lets you drive more traffic to your site through its partnership with Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Most interestingly, Yotpo allows you to understand your consumers' feedback at scale. With its AI algorithms, you can use the feedback to gain useful insights to improve your eCommerce business.

3. Shopify

Shopify is a one-stop solution to start, run, and grow your eCommerce business. It contains numerous tools and features that allow you to build a highly customizable website to generate more leads. Moreover, Shopify comes with in-built tools to create, execute, and analyze digital marketing campaigns.

It’s effortless to market your business on Shopify. Its content marketing and SEO tools let you find the right audience from across the globe. Once you know your audience, you can run campaigns to promote and sell your products to the targeted audience. You can further automate your campaigns and gain insights from each campaign to improve your business.

4. 3D cart

3D cart is one of the best website builders that help you grow traffic and sales on your eCommerce websites, eventually maximizing ROI. The strength of 3D cart is its search engine optimization tools that help rank your businesses on Google.

Moreover, the 3D cart has the facility of connecting your online shop with Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and other channels to maximize your sales by reaching out to more people. With its mobile-first approach, you can optimize your online store for mobile commerce.


Any eCommerce business needs to increase its ROI, given the massive amount that goes into its investment. From building a user-friendly website to spending on SEO, marketing, and promotion, eCommerce businesses involve a great deal of money. Hence, increasing your ROI becomes crucial to survive in the eCommerce world and earn a profit.

Market research plays a vital role for several reasons, and the most significant is to gain consumer insights to know your audience better and increase your ROI. As we have seen, there are various tools available in the market that help in increasing ROI. We have discussed the four best tools, including Revuze, Shopify, 3D Cart, and Yotpo, to help you maximize your ROI. Try out these tools to know what works the best for your eCommerce business.