Nothing is sacred to Amy Schumer, but she never jokes on hot social topics just for fun. The moral of her stories is always clear, even if they are presented with an ignorant smile that is already familiar to the viewer. We've collected the best and boldest jokes by Amy for everyone who has a good sense of humor.

1. Last F**kable Day

The sketch from the new season of Inside Amy Schumer addresses stereotypes about age in the film industry.

2. Football Town Nights

In this parody of a soccer coach and his wife, Schumer addresses the enduring issue of rape in American schools.

3. Milk Milk Lemonade

Only very inattentive people are not aware that nowadays, a plumper bum is becoming the hot feminine ideal.

4. Herpes Scare

Sexually transmitted diseases and irresponsibility? Perfect joke material for Schumer.

5. Lunch at O'Nutters

Here, the comedian changes roles between men and women. Schumer does not moralize. Instead, she simply gradually increases the viewer's level of discomfort, turning the events of the sketch into complete madness.

6. Operation Enduring Mouth

Schumer could not ignore the fact that women, with all their skills, often remain in secondary roles.

7. Compliments

Schumer and her writers try to make the show as feminist as possible, so gender stereotypes are the most fertile ground for jokes for them.

8. 9/11

Schumer addresses "first-world problems" by joking about no less than 9/11.

9. Makeover

Schumer loves to poke fun at reality shows, and it serves them right. She has several sketches making fun of their plots' absurdity, one of which sneers at shows like Extreme Makeover.

10. A Very Realistic Military Game

The question of the impunity of rape in the army is a thorny issue. It is noteworthy that, for instance, the creators of House of Cards did not ignore it, especially since they always pay attention to the biggest social issues when writing episodes.

11. Sex Tips

Not only reality shows came to the attention of the comedian, but also glossy magazines for women.