The pandemic has changed our worldview and attitude towards fragrances: every new place, every product or service must smell. In this article, we tell you about the scent marketing of 2021.

Aroma marketing will thrive in such business areas as:

  • Horeca
  • Real estate development
  • Retail
  • Medical centers
  • Airports
  • Railway transport
  • Events
  • SPA and beauty salons

The quality of the air we breathe in offices, shopping centers, airports, clinics, recreation areas is becoming especially important. Bio scents based on essential oils of plants grown in ecologically clean regions are a trend that reflects the desire for a healthy lifestyle.

1. Horeca

While people are limited in moving freely around the world because of the pandemic, everyone experiences a lack of the smells of the sea, sun, exotic fruits, flowers, and plants. Aromas that reflect the concept of the café or restaurant will help make up for that.

For example, a restaurant with a minimalistic interior design may have the gastronomic aroma of fresh coconut in the welcome zone. This will be a pleasant invitation to a treat. The smell of cocoa beans with a vanilla sillage will turn a small cozy cafe-pastry shop into a funnel of happiness.

2. Real estate development

The stagnant real estate market requires a reboot and a more personalized approach to customers. The goals of the developers are to meet customers and keep them for a longer time, to give them the time for making a decision, and to make the stay as comfortable as possible. It would be right to use a vibrant aroma with bright notes of lime, ginger, and spices.

3. Retail

It is necessary to organize fragrant routing in stores, with the help of which customers themselves can find the desired product in the large hall by smell. Perfume notes should correspond to the product: exotic fruits should smell like a ripe, juicy mango, while household appliances for the kitchen should smell like a freshly baked croissant.

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4. Medical centers

Medical centers visitors do not want to think about diseases, so the aromas of a forest, sun-drenched meadow, or pine grove will be just right.

5. Airports and railway transport

Waiting for a flight or a trip is worrisome and pleasant at the same time, so light, barely noticeable aromas of mint, lemongrass, aloe, olive, bamboo combined with woody notes will create a sense of harmony and a pleasant anticipation of travel.

6. On the street or in the mall

Outdoor advertising resorts to fragrant support more frequently. For example, the smells of products like yogurt, chewing gum, chocolate should be bright, memorable, and correspond to the general purpose of the advertising campaign, so that, for example, the audience would definitely pay attention to them while waiting for the transport.

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7. Events

In 2021, it is important to use fragrances while putting together an event. Often it is the scent that inspires its program.

8. SPA and beauty salons

People come to spa salons for relaxation, unwinding, and beauty. Noble notes of acacia, peony, phlox, and iris create an inspiring atmosphere and tune in to professional treatments.