Apple, a leader in technological innovation, continues to uphold its commitment to accessibility by previewing an array of exciting new features. These features, which include 'Live Speech,' 'Personal Voice,' and several others, aim to make Apple's technology more user-friendly and inclusive for people with disabilities.

'Live Speech' is one of Apple's newest introductions designed to assist those with speech impairments. By leveraging machine learning, this feature transcribes speech in real-time, enabling more accessible communication for people with difficulty speaking. It's a significant step toward fostering inclusivity and ensuring everyone can enjoy seamless communication.

Apple Launched Lockdown Mode to Protect Users From Spyware
Lockdown Mode is Apple’s answer to new cybersecurity challenges, specifically government-sponsored spyware. It is turned off by default and can be enabled in the Privacy & Security section of Settings.

Apple's 'Personal Voice' is another innovative toolset to enhance accessibility for users. This feature allows users with speech difficulties to use their unique speech patterns to control Siri, Apple's intelligent personal assistant. In doing so, 'Personal Voice' makes Siri more personal, versatile, and accommodating than ever before.

Other features unveiled include enhanced 'Background Sounds' to help users focus, calm down, or rest, and 'SignTime,' which offers sign language interpretation for AppleCare and Retail Customer Care. Additionally, 'Perkin's Brailler' feature facilitates braille input in iOS, while 'Explore Images with VoiceOver' assists blind and low-vision users by providing descriptions of images.

Siri Will No Longer Default to a Female or Male Voice in iOS
Apple brought new people to work with voices and then ran them through its neural text-to-speech engine that sounds more natural, with better intonation and smoother transitions between different words.

Apple's comprehensive update reaffirms its commitment to building technology that is truly accessible for all. As the company continues to innovate, these features highlight Apple's dedication to ensuring that everyone can use and enjoy their devices, regardless of their capabilities or needs.

In conclusion, Apple's preview of new accessibility features showcases its ongoing commitment to inclusivity. By introducing tools like 'Live Speech,' 'Personal Voice,' and more, Apple is pushing the boundaries of technology and ensuring it is more accommodating and beneficial for all its users. These developments are a testament to Apple's vision of a future where technology is accessible to everyone.