WhatsApp is set to launch a new voice chat feature that aims to streamline voice calls in large groups. Unlike traditional group voice calls that ring every member, this feature offers a more discreet approach. Users will receive a push notification and find an in-chat bubble they can tap to join the voice chat.

Once a voice chat is underway, participants can access call controls from the top of the chat, allowing them to send text messages simultaneously. These voice chats are end-to-end encrypted and can host up to 32 participants.

Rolling out on both iOS and Android in the coming weeks, the feature will initially be available for larger group chats comprising 33 to 128 participants. Smaller groups can still utilize WhatsApp's existing group voice call feature.

WhatsApp Introduces Its New Screen-Sharing Feature for Video Calls
The new screen-sharing feature can be accessed by tapping the “Share” icon during a video call, providing a versatile way to showcase documents, browse photos, or even shop online with friends.

This development is part of WhatsApp's ongoing efforts to enhance its platform, including features like dual account usage and passkey support for Android.

WhatsApp is joining the likes of Discord, Telegram, and Slack in offering voice chats, catering to the needs of large groups looking for seamless voice communication.