Epic Games has set the gaming world abuzz with the launch of a revolutionary crossover: LEGO-Fortnite, a fusion of creativity and adventure. This unique survival crafting game, aimed at children and families, brings the beloved LEGO universe to Fortnite, promising a magical gaming experience.

Available within Fortnite from December 7, LEGO-Fortnite marks the culmination of a long-term partnership between Epic Games and the LEGO Group. The collaboration aims to create fun and secure digital spaces for players of all ages.

In LEGO-Fortnite, players will embark on epic adventures, exploring expansive open worlds where LEGO building and the Fortnite universe collide.

Key features include:

  • Iconic Fortnite Characters in LEGO Style: Play as your favorite Fortnite characters, such as Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader, and Raven, all rendered in charming LEGO style.
  • Crafting and Survival: Collect resources, craft items, and engage in solo or cooperative battles with friends.
  • Home Base Customization: Build shelters for defense, customize your ultimate home base, and recruit villagers to gather materials and survive the night.
  • Deep Cave Exploration: Equip yourself and venture into deep caves in search of rare resources, hidden areas, and formidable adversaries.

This groundbreaking collaboration has a lot in store for players, with ongoing updates and new LEGO-style outfits slated for early 2024.

Epic Games envisions Fortnite as more than just a battle royale game; it's becoming a versatile platform hosting a variety of experiences.

Epic Games is implementing age ratings for different Fortnite experiences, ensuring a family-friendly environment. LEGO-Fortnite is rated E10+, reinforcing its suitability for younger players.

This innovative gaming venture is built within Fortnite and powered by Unreal Engine 5, harnessing advanced features like Chaos physics and destruction for lifelike brick placement, connection, and dismantling.