OpenAI has introduced the GPT Store, a platform where users can create, buy, and sell customized chatbots powered by the ChatGPT AI model. This innovative marketplace has already seen over 3 million chatbots created by enthusiastic users.

The GPT Store, a long-awaited addition to OpenAI's offerings, is accessible through a dedicated tab within the ChatGPT web client. It features a diverse range of chatbots developed not only by OpenAI but also by its partners and the broader developer community. Users can explore a variety of chatbots categorized into lifestyle, writing, research, programming, and education on the community leaderboard.

To access the GPT Store, users need to be subscribed to one of OpenAI's premium ChatGPT plans, including ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT Enterprise, or the newly launched ChatGPT Team.

OpenAI Introduces Free Voice Chat Feature for ChatGPT Users
The feature is built on advanced text-to-speech technology, enabling ChatGPT to generate human-like audio responses from text prompts. OpenAI also collaborated with professional voice actors to offer a selection of unique voices.

OpenAI is also planning to allow creators to earn income based on user engagement with their chatbots. Details about the payment criteria will be disclosed later.

In addition to showcasing chatbots, the GPT Store offers a robust search functionality, allowing users to discover chatbots by category and explore the most popular and trending solutions.

OpenAI has emphasized the importance of ensuring quality and safety in the GPT Store. Developers must verify their user profiles and submit their chatbots to OpenAI's new review system to ensure compliance with the company's terms of use. Users are also encouraged to report any chatbots that violate guidelines.