OpenAI has announced that its voice communication feature for ChatGPT is now available for free to all users. Originally, the ChatGPT Voice feature was launched in September but was limited to Plus subscribers. With this update, users can engage in voice conversations with ChatGPT using the mobile app.

This new feature transforms ChatGPT into a more interactive and intelligent voice assistant, allowing users to ask questions verbally and receive audible responses. OpenAI has playfully referenced the recent drama surrounding the CEO's departure and return in their announcement.

To access this feature, users can simply update their mobile version of ChatGPT and tap the headphone icon to initiate voice communication.

The feature is built on advanced text-to-speech technology, enabling ChatGPT to generate human-like audio responses from text prompts. Additionally, OpenAI collaborated with professional voice actors to offer users a selection of five unique voices for their interactions.

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As this functionality rolls out to all free users on mobile, it marks another step in OpenAI's ongoing development of ChatGPT, making advanced AI communication more accessible to all.