Bluesky, the decentralized social media platform aiming to rival Twitter, has experienced a significant surge in user sign-ups, crossing the 4 million mark just one day after opening its doors to the public.

Previously accessible only through invitations, Bluesky's move to allow unrestricted registration has proven immensely popular, with nearly a million new users flocking to the platform within a single day.

The platform's announcement revealed the staggering influx of users, boasting an average of 8.5 new accounts signed up per second and over 2 million posts created within the first 24 hours of public access.

Bluesky, conceived by Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, began its journey in December 2019 and received a $13 million investment in 2022.

Jack Dorsey’s Decentralized Twitter Alternative Bluesky Debuts on the App Store
Bluesky features separate tabs for home, search, and notifications, as well as a repost feature – the interface is very similar to Twitter. It also allows you to post messages of up to 256 characters and attach photos.

However, with great success comes technical challenges, as Bluesky encountered brief outages and glitches due to the sudden surge in activity. Despite these hurdles, Bluesky's unique approach to decentralization and open-source protocol continues to attract users disillusioned with centralized platforms like Twitter and Meta's Threads.

The platform's future success will hinge on its ability to sustain this momentum and retain its newfound user base.