We’re all human beings who do random stuff from time to time. Some of us can even come up with the weirdest idea to begin an office affair with one of their workmates. Is it worth it, though? Let’s discover the top 5 office affair mistakes that are better to be avoided for the sake of us all.

1. Falling for a colleague

It is highly inadvisable to look for a romantic partner at work, but if you’ve already got into a bit of a jam, try to understand what the reasons for this are. If you want to develop a long-term relationship, doing it with your workmate sounds like the worst idea. That’s just because you will probably see each other every day and it will be hard to pretend that nothing’s happening. Besides, you can face your admirer’s jealousy that can cause disagreements, conflicts and tension in a relationship. He can get really annoying and even get under your skin over time. Of course, it’s not supposed to be like that, and there are exceptions, but my point is that the professional and personal relationships should be separate.

2. Hitting on a married man

Every situation is different. There are multiple scenario cases, but you need to be fully aware that if a married man dates you, there’s a high probability that it’s just for sex. You can’t just steal someone else’s partner. Still, the main question remains, “What do you even need this for?” In my view, once a cheater, always a cheater. It doesn’t matter how beautiful, funny or smart you are, a married man usually looks for a new woman just because he is tired of everyday home routine and his woman screwing his brains out. That’s why simply try to make your pastime as pleasant and comfortable for both of you as possible. Your man doesn’t see you as his wife.

3. Neglecting your reputation

When you work for a big company, you’re always in the public eye. Work gossips among your coworkers can ruin your reputation. Both you and your crush will be labeled as lovers. One more mistake is to boast about your new fling.

4. Communicating outside of work

Steer clear of any messages or calls outside of work, you can’t only think about yourself. Here’s also a piece of advice for married people: don’t keep one mail account for everything and don’t leave your messengers open. Also, for instance, don’t forget to delete Uber receipts from your e-mail because a minor recklessness can lead to major problems such as divorce. Your fling is just for fun, for bringing new emotions and for getting a little nookie, you don’t need drama!

5. Becoming enemies

We all know that good things never last. It’s better to end everything on an optimistic note because anyway you will continue working together. Try to stay friends and remember that you attempted to relax and enjoy your living. Don’t overthink this affair and don’t dwell on the past.