Pretty much everyone often feels stressed at work. For some of us, words like “work” and “stress” even are synonyms. Oftentimes when we can’t carry out our work duties, we have these irrational anger bursts at our fellow workers. We can also cry or shout at them or eventually quit our job.

However, there are several ways to deal with stress at work and to become a happier and more peaceful person.

1. First of all, stop taking your job as a source of stress

This trick can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you can try to make your job more fun and entertaining by merely going to the park to grab some ice cream with your coworkers instead of having lunch indoors. You can also spend some after-work time with your colleagues playing board games, chatting or doing whatever your heart desires. If you have a friendly working environment, you won’t perceive work as a stress factor. Conversely, you’ll feel cheerful and happy to kick-start your day at the office and to be able to contribute to your company creating new traditions and activities.

2. Try to be more social and forget the gloominess

Being friendly never hurt nobody. There’s no need to become best friends with your coworkers, but you can at least try to get to know them more, for instance, during any lunch or a coffee break. As a result, you will understand that you are in this business together. It always feels better to have someone you can share your thoughts or day-to-day concerns with. Keep it simple and don’t forget to smile. Share some of your best funny stories and jokes with the folks. It’s a well-known fact that laughter decreases stress. Give compliments when you feel like it, and people will respond in kind. It is important to know that there’s always someone to lend a helping hand or cheer you up when you need help or don’t feel good about yourself.

3. Give your eyes some rest

Tired eyes can cause severe headaches, which is significantly stressful for your body, too, so don’t forget to take small breaks from your computer screen every now and then. Aesthetical pleasure is significant, as well. Bringing some of your favorite pictures or photos with your loved ones can make you feel like home. Something like postcards or even flowers also can make you smile during the day and therefore take your mind off.

4. Keep your workplace clean

There will be no stress if your desk is organized. Make sure your office isn’t messy and absolutely buried in a lot of unnecessary stuff. You should only have the most needed things for work. The rubbish and non-essential items can be irritating. A little tidying-up can distract you for a while and make your workflow less stressful. The sense of self-control in life and at work depends on the way you organize them.

5. Don’t skip lunch

If you seriously think that lunch is a waste of time and it distracts you from doing your tasks, then you're all wrong! Food can make you happier and helps relieve stress. Besides, a full person can concentrate better and is usually more productive. Lunch also enables you to clear the mind and get it off of complex tasks for a bit, setting the mood for the rest of your workday. Your food intake can include almonds, salmon, avocado, and spinach to food intake, all of which can reduce stress and all these products are tasty, healthy and are easy to take to work.

P.S. A friendly advice: don’t eat at your working desk because it won't feel like a break.

By following these simple tips, you can make your life at work more relaxed and much more pleasant.