I visited Mexico for the first time when I was 16. My best memories of those magnificent beaches are still alive. Thanks to my adventurous and courageous parents, it was one of the most memorable vacations in my life. They have never forbidden me from doing anything. It’s the other way around, they’ve always encouraged me to see as much of the world and life in general as possible until I’d turn 18. You see, my dad believes that after you turn 18, you should learn how to take care of yourself without any of your parents’ help.

All right, let’s plunge into those hot Mexican stories I am eager to tell. Apart from recommending you to go sightseeing, visit white-sand beaches and historical attractions, I’d also love to share my 'must-do' list with you:

Visit a real tequila pub


Don’t miss the chance to visit a tequila pub and to try to drink all types of tequila. If you are ready to take up this challenge, just like my father was, ultimately, your nameplate will be hung up on the pub wall. Sadly enough, I can’t seem to recall that bar’s name, so here’s an excellent task for you to find this heady place. Due to my tender age and lack of experience back then, I only tried two types of tequila: Gran Patron Platinum and Don Julio Real. They say these are some of the best tequilas in the whole world. Hopefully, in Mexico, the myth that the right way to drink tequila is with lime and salt will be debunked at last. Ready to learn how to drink tequila like a Mexican?

P.S. Don’t buy tequila in the hotel or in the duty-free shop. You can save a sufficient amount of money if you buy the drink in local shops.

Experience Mexico-spicy paradise

Visiting Mexico is a huge chance for pepper-lovers to taste the real jalapeño. In Mexico, it is also known as cuaresmeños, chiles gordos, and huachinangos. However, be careful if you are not a real muchacho.  Eating too much spicy food and pepper can be harmful to your body and can even lead to allergy. It’s also important to mention that not only peppers and men are freaking hot in Mexico, but also the sun! From my personal experience, I’d say don’t forget to take sunscreen along with an insect repellent with you because I got a sunburn and mosquito bite allergies during the trip. Double trouble that is! Even this nuisance wasn’t a mood killer for me, though.

Enjoy partying all day and all night long

If you want your partying to be a blast, swing by the most driving club called Coco Bongo, which was our absolute favorite. The entrance fee starts from 60$, but it’s somewhat better to buy a ticket for 130$. It includes express entrance, which is extremely convenient because without it you can spend eternity standing in line as there’s always a big rush near Coco Bongo. Furthermore, free drinks and the big show will be waiting for you, too.

Also, bear in mind that you need to get past face control to get inside and the age limit for Coco Bongo is over 21. Yet, you can wind everyone around your little finger just as we did. Although I was 16, I wore high heels, put my bright makeup on, pulled on a short dress, and my dad made the security believe that both my mom and I were his ladies, not his wife and daughter.

Admire white-sand beaches

Mexican resorts are known for glorious white-sand beaches and various activities. In Cancun, I tried kitesurfing for the first time. December and January are enjoyable for kite surfers in terms of lovely weather, and yet the best months for kitesurfing are certainly February and March because the wind blows every day during these months. The feelings you have while flying above the water are indescribable, and the sensations are utterly intense. I still have a desire to come back and experience those emotions at least one more time.

Probably, some may think that it’s kind of wrong to let your child drink tequila, party in a night club or go in extreme sport. However, my father believes that it was better for me to try all sorts of such things with them rather than in a bad company. This parenting method also allows your child to know and feel that you are not only his or her parents and relatives but best friends, too.