There are situations when it is almost impossible to stay in one’s right mind and keep sanity. The only thing left to do is to make your mind work using proven scientific methods.

Situation #1: You’re in Love

Butterflies in your stomach… The truth is that it only sounds beautiful. Butterflies, just like any other internal parasites, affect our neurotransmitters. If you met a nice girl, it’s not gonna be a problem, you can enjoy the butterflies. But if you’re having doubts about her and one minute she’s here, the next minute she’s gone – it’s about time to turn on your brain. To do this, you need to dream up a bit and imagine everything you want in this relationship: sex, moonlit walks, five kids. So basically, anything you want. The brain is a badass dude, but it can hardly differentiate between reality and imagination. When you think everything over, your brain will come to the conclusion that the mission is accomplished and will decrease the level of neurotransmitters.

Situation #2: You’re Scared

Fear often forces us to make wrong decisions. To detach yourself emotionally and reboot your brain, sit down, relax, and focus on all your senses. Start looking at the patterns on the walls, listen to the fire alarm siren or signal, try to feel the smell of the room, and the sense of the upholstery of the chair you are sitting in. That’s not gonna work because your brain cannot process all the signals simultaneously. It will temporarily “freeze,” and an endless stream of consciousness (and irrational fears) will stop.

Situation #3: You're Under Pressure

Eric Berne, a well-known psychiatrist, believed that the personality is divided into an “Adult,” who is very reasonable, a “Parent,” who is strict and conservative, and a “Child,” who is light-minded and has that childlike innocence. When someone imposes guilt on you or is pressuring you, they are referring to your inner child who is so malleable, obliging, and fearful. And if you feel pressure, you need to quickly remind yourself of what day of the week, year, and date it is. It brings you back to the current reality where your “Adult” subpersonality dwells in. And this “Adult” can fight back.