For Starters:

Put yourself in the right mood. It works like the Patronus Charm from Harry Potter. You need to remind yourself of the best moments of your life. Even that moment, when you got two candies in one wrapper will do. Anyway, any situation that warms your soul would be fine. These memories will make your eyes shine and fill yourself with positive thoughts. Shazam! You’re quids in! Forget how you will look in front of her. Maybe she’s tired of slick spider trainers and secretly cherishes the dream of a white collar.

Cutting to the Chase:

  1. Don’t rush to talk about yourself – it’s better to tell her about someone else’s adventures and deeds in the style of parties from the Project X movie. Besides, this way you will cunningly find out about what she thinks about various kinds of experiments. If she’s not disgusted by your stories about a “friend” who, after a massive drinking party, woke up in another city, then you can keep going.
  2. Having started with questions that can make her think and laugh, you can steer the conversation towards any other topic you’re comfortable with. “What power would you want, and why?” “What do you want to be when you grow up?” etc.
  3. If you feel like you’ve reached an impasse in your conversation, abruptly change your tactics. Pretend that she's putting pressure on you, and you’re a prude and a cold fish. Proudly declare that you do not allow anyone to go beyond the kiss on the first date. For you, it doesn’t even come to kissing on the first date, actually. Say something like, “It would be nice to come to your place, but I promised my neighbor to feed his cat. The kitter is so lonely in the evenings!” But don’t go too far – there always should be a balance.