There are lots of ridiculous ways for a job interview to go wrong. And even though it might seem like you’ve already seen or read about the most absurd ones, the stories from life continue to emerge.

1. An Unfortunate Incident

Some things might seem obvious to some people, whereas to others, they may not. The woman who was supposed to conduct an interview approached the candidate to shake hands, and he thought that she was pointing at the place for him to sit. Being completely unaware of making such a ridiculous mistake, the guy walked away from her, sat down, and then saw that she was still standing there with her hand reaching out. Of course, the guy had his luck run out, and he did not get that job.

2. In the Closet

A lot can be done or said when you’re in a stressful situation. One guy went to an interview where he ended up being a bit comic. The meeting went really well, the guy answered all the questions, and then something just went wrong. After the interview was over, he shook hands with the recruiters and walked towards the exit. But he was so nervous that he did not go through the door but through the closet. He was so embarrassed that he locked himself up and stayed there. The interviewers knew that he was there, but for some reason, they did not leave the room right away. The guy had to sit in the closet for 20 minutes. Only after everyone had left the room, he sheepishly left too. Without a shadow of a doubt, he got the job.

3. A Restless Candidate

Once a guy came for an interview and, pointing at a photograph on the table, asked his interviewer (who was actually the head of the company), “Who is this pretty lady?” Having received an answer that it was none other than his wife, the guy did not calm down. After the guy asked if she was at home and asked for her number, the boss had to call security.

4. A Twist of Fate

Once a young man had an interview with a company that had its office in the building where several other companies, which worked in the same field, had as well. By a twist of fate, he entered the wrong office and managed to convince everybody that he was scheduled for an interview. No one had any record of this meeting. The guy got the desired position. A few hours later, he got a call from the company he was going to in the first place – they asked him why he didn’t show up. It no longer mattered, though.

5. Soaking Wet

It was a rainy day. Judging by the fact that the candidate came to the interview all sweaty and soaking wet, it was clear that he got there by bicycle. Surprised by the guy’s appearance, the HR specialist continued the meeting, ignoring his repeated winks at her. As a result, having received a rather comprehensive characteristic of his personality, she said that they had other candidates for an interview. The guy didn’t get upset and replied, “Thank you, dear, call me!”

6. Politeness Pays off

On his way to the interview, David did not notice anything and anyone and ran as fast as he could. The test before being late was not long in coming. Some man walked along with the guy and suddenly outran him when the doors were almost in front of him. Moreover, then the man stopped and even held the door for the guy. On a job interview, he had a conversation with an HR specialist, and one thing left for him to do was to talk to his future boss. David went into the office, and that man from before was there. The HR specialist almost closed the door when the man yelled, “You’re hired, complete the onboarding process!” The boss said to the guy, “Why should I interview you? I already see that you’re polite, punctual, and responsible.”

7. Hunter’s Nature

A young man arrived for an interview at his appointed 12 o’clock. At 8 pm, the last round – an interview with an HR specialist – began. By that time the guy got tired, but certainly had no intentions to show it. However, he was starving. The interviewer was talking about the ethics and values of the company, and then asked a question that was less desirable to hear, “So why should we choose you?” Having lost his temper, the guy reached out to take a cookie, because of which he was ignoring his instincts in front of the interviewer for so long, and finally ate it. After that, he drank a glass of juice, looked straight into the eyes of the interviewer and said, “Well, you should hire me because I’m a hunter. If I see something that I like, I go for it. I liked the cookie, and I got it.” And yep – it worked.

8. A Phone Interview

The most outstanding case of a job interview. Once, after completing a phone interview, a man ended a conversation with a recruiter by saying, “Love you, bye-bye.” He realized what was said only after he hung up.

9. The Problem with Being Too Good

The boss was the one who decided to make contact with the candidate. The young man filled out a questionnaire, told about himself, and said that he was satisfied with all the working conditions. The next thing you know, the boss said: “Listen, I’m going to upset you. You are not suitable for us. The girl from the office in Brooklyn saw your resume, and it seems like you’re too good. A letter of recommendation says that you’re almost a saint. You don’t smoke or drink, you read books, you don’t have any loans. And the people working here are all drunkards, debtors, and have to pay child support. If I hire you, you will survive two or three months and say that you no longer want to work with this rabble. Sorry that you had to go out of town and waste your time, man.”