In Handy Tips, we find ways that can improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you how to find a hidden camera in a building.

Surely you had such situations in life when you needed to go to sites of frivolous content, and you accidentally saw secretly shot videos from rented apartments and hotels. So, one day, you may find yourself in such videos, too. Of course, unless you read our article to learn how to find a hidden camera before someone records you.

Turn off the light

Take a video of your room with a flashlight on your phone. At first, do not look at the phone screen but around instead. In the light of the flash, you can notice glare from the lenses of a hidden camera. If you didn’t notice anything, turn your eyes back to the smartphone screen since many cameras illuminate the room in the infrared range. The eye does not see this illumination, but the matrix of the smartphone can handle this. Bright white dots are these sources of light.

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Check the closets

Check all the nightstands and nooks. The mini-camera must be attached to something and be hidden behind something. So, it is likely that it was placed in a niche or other place, and that a hole was made for the lens. For example, in the eye of a teddy bear. We’ll talk about it more in the next paragraph.

Take a closer look at the details

A clock with an illogical hole in the middle of the dial or a stuffed eagle for some reason connected to a power outlet – any oddities in the interior should be alarming. There may be additional built-in equipment inside the eagle that the landlord does not want to be seen.

Download the script

Sometimes landlords use newfangled cameras that download captured video to their owner via Wi-Fi. To combat this lawlessness, you can use the script written by the privacy defender Julian Oliver. This way, you can not only detect the signal from the camera, but also turn it off. There is one significant danger: for interfering with someone else’s network in the United States, you can be sent to places where there definitely are cameras. So, first, study the local laws on this subject.

Take it easy

Even honest apartment owners on Airbnb sometimes put cameras in rooms because it’s easier to get compensation for damage if, say, you bring a women's soccer team to make a snow angel out of cocaine. But you should be warned that a camera is installed in the room. One way or another, if you are not a girl, you don’t have to worry too much. Search requests like “a naked man in a hotel is stealing nuts from a minibar” are not super popular on the Internet.