The pandemic does not spare anyone: many people have been thrown back into the job market. To find a place in the sun and get into a really good company, you need to correctly write your resume. In this article, we will analyze 5 key resume mistakes and show you how to fix them.

1. Frivolous writing style and lack of business ethics

Quote from the resume: "I am a dope dude… Kinda doing business here, so I dig it and all that… In short, we schmooze a bit, and you’ll find out everything yourself ;)"

What's wrong with it: Yeah, the recruiter might read this and think: “Well, a nice and open guy, who is clumsily trying to show his strong points, but what about the ethics of business communication?”

Some companies do indeed implement a loose corporate culture, where employees communicate with each other in a friendly way and use slang. But at business meetings, it is better to communicate in a generally accepted business style.

How to fix it: Write your resume in a neutral business style, and it is best to demonstrate “business prowess” in person during a job interview.

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2. Swearing

Quote from the resume: “You can see the result of my fucking awesome work by following the link.”

What's wrong with it: Undoubtedly, such a message can generate interest and distinguish you from competitors. But it’s a big question whether it fits into the company's communication format.

How to fix it: Always check the potential employer's website and their social media pages in advance. Pay attention to the style they are designed in and whether the SMM specialist uses half-swearing words to express emotions in company posts.

3. Laziness, not wanting to take the pre-employment test and do an internship

Quote from the resume: "URGENTLY looking for a job WITHOUT INTERNSHIP AND TESTS, with employment IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE INTERVIEW."

What's wrong with it: 1) Writing entirely in block capitals is shouting. 2) Almost all IT companies practice pre-employment tests. Refusal to demonstrate practical skills will raise questions about your professionalism, and a potential employer will rather consider other candidates.

How to fix it: Prepare a high-quality portfolio. The employer will then independently study your skills, and companies that initially do not suit you will no longer bother you.

4. Self-pity

Quote from the resume: “Winter is coming, I have no money for commuting and even for a winter puffer jacket. I do not consider a free internship! You must employ me immediately.”

What's wrong with it: The candidate explains why he does not want to do an internship, but in fact, looks like a person who evades responsibility. It is important to understand that an employer doesn't need an employee who looks for excuses instead of solutions and hopes for pity.

How to fix it: Apply for jobs that match not only your professional competencies, but also your life circumstances.

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5. Limited vocabulary

Quote from the resume: “I am ready to go all the way into the world of cooking!! For the good, process, and development of the entire culinary business! :)"

What's wrong with it: There is nothing repulsive in this phrase, but there is a nuance: it is the only one in the resume. It is impossible to rate a candidate who has not talked about work experience, skills, and all that.

How to fix it: If you are looking for a job for the first time, it is worth telling the employer about where you studied, the training courses or conferences you have completed, and about your achievements in general. For example, tell your employer that you were the class president. It will also work.

How to get the most out of your resume and show the employer that you are a top-notch candidate:

1. Find out how things are with the corporate culture.

Explore the website and social networks of the company. Find out what values it conveys. Conservative companies demand formality, progressive ones encourage informality.

2. Stick to a business-like writing style at first.

Even with a creative approach, neutral self-presentation will be the best way to impress the recruiter.

3. Be able to wisely present yourself and show your competence.

Prepare a high-quality portfolio or make a knight's move and ask your employer for a test task yourself – this will help you understand the specifics of the company. Be sure to pay attention to your profile picture on the job site. They increase the visibility of your resume and make you much more memorable for the recruiter.