In this article, we will tell you how to be guaranteed to avoid being fired and keep afloat. And for all this, you will not even have to do something forbidden.

1. Finish work on time

Suppose you start at 9 am and end work at 6 pm. At 5:58 pm, you turn off your computer and waltz to the exit. “Screw it! I will finish it tomorrow,” you think. However, you should really think it over and not do so anymore. It is better to leave at half-past six but finish your business than to turn red at your boss’ office the next day while he is sharpening a dart pencil with a silent question on his face, “Where are the reports, anyway?”

2. Treat the company’s money like your own

Remember, you should treat your company’s expenses as if they were your own (do not mistaken them for income). An employee who has found and purchased the most expensive toilet paper in the city for five years ahead for all of the country’s offices and all subsidiaries is unlikely to deserve the approval of the boss. The one who will certainly deserve it is a smart upstart who came up with the idea of how to sell it all at a higher price.

3. Let everybody know that you provide for the whole family

All the higher-ups of the company should know how many hungry mouths to feed and to provide for you have. Everyone should know that it is your salary only that helps your family eat and live. Your boss is a human being, too, and if the idea to kick you out suddenly hits him, the thought that your family and children are sitting home rattling empty bowls will make him forget about his intentions for a while.

4. Be indispensable

Become indispensable! Most of the business contacts should go through you, and no one can fully replace you. This way, it will be difficult for your boss to get rid of you. After all, you are the very same person who orders awesomely tasty burgers.

5. Take initiative

Bulgakov, a famous Russian writer, had a formula, “Never ask for anything! Never for anything, and especially from those who are stronger than you. They'll make the offer themselves, and give everything themselves.” This doesn’t work with finances. Therefore, in case you adhere to all the rules that we mentioned above, feel free to ask for a pay rise. And one more thing: before making this immodest offer to your boss, find a couple of vacancies in other companies in advance, just in case.