When you’re twenty, most people assume that you have it all figured out and know what life is. But in reality, at twenty, we are all desperate for good advice because plenty of us are afraid of the future. We decided to figure out what a person needs to realize by the age of 20 in order to significantly improve their life in the future.

What are the things everyone should do by the age of 20?

The decisions you make at the age of 20 will have a profound impact on the rest of your life. And making these decisions is not easy at all – it is imperative to assess their long-term effects. At 20, you are an unusually free person (in 5 years, you will realize the veracity of these words).

At some point, the responsibility that you bear for various external factors will increase to such an extent that you will just freak out, so use this time and chance to gain a rich experience. Time is fleeting, and it is your most valuable resource. You can make money, borrow money, or save money, but this trick doesn't work with time.

This whole concept of constantly chasing time as well as trying to find a balance between short- and long-term perspectives leads us to some important conclusions:

  • The age of 20 is the best time to make your dreams come true. Travel, sing, paint, write poems, start a business, and generally live for yourself.
  • Invest in yourself: develop your skills and strive to ensure that your educational process does not stop.
  • Travel as much as possible. Do not expect that you will rest and travel the whole globe when you’re retired. Don’t wait until retirement to create the life you deserve as you can simply not make it until it.
  • Don’t be afraid to take chances and risks. You are young and full of energy, so you can afford it, because you don’t have too many obligations yet.

1. Habits

Twenty is the perfect age to develop good habits. This will become one of the first steps leading you to a successful life. Keep in mind that the sooner you develop good habits, the easier it will be to maintain them throughout your life. Start with the simple things: use dental floss, maintain water balance in the body, take vitamins, don’t forget the sunscreen, and finally quit smoking. The older you get, the more difficult it will be. Practice safe sex and always finish whatever you do.

2. Socializing

Learn to accept and love yourself, and forget about guilt. Do not be afraid to go on dates. They will help you understand what is acceptable for you and what you like. And most importantly, you will realize what important qualities your future partner should have and what kind of person you want them to be. Do not be afraid of weddings or long-term relationships: people have been doing all this stuff for thousands of years for a reason. Understand that resentment and being angry at someone will get you nowhere – don't burn bridges with people you care about. Take the formation of your social circle carefully and thoughtfully – avoid those with whom you have no common goals and values, and know how to let people go. Break age-related stereotypes: be friends with someone who is older than you – you have a lot to learn from them.

3. Dreams and goals

Do not live for someone and for the approval of your parents or someone else. Strictly follow your dreams and be true to them. Periods of uncertainty and failure are guaranteed, so embrace them and learn from them. Apply for an internship, try yourself as a teacher. Hone your professionalism in what you love or in a hobby. And most importantly, be patient – you can't get a big job or an academic degree in two days, it takes time.

4. Money

It is essential to figure out how to make money work for you as early as possible. Stay away from loans and live within your means. And most importantly, start saving. Money is not the most important thing in the world, but it gives you the freedom to choose.

5. Intelligence

Try to learn to think in models (mathematical and psychological) and work on yourself until they start to appear automatically. For this, you need to read as much as possible. Keeping a journal or making notes will help you structure your thoughts and become better in writing. Learn to type quickly, surf the Internet effectively, use web tools for self-improvement, and keep your brain from drying out.