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September 6 is truly a holiday for all coffee maniacs and ice cream lovers.

The first mention of coffee ice cream dates back to 1919. The coffee ice cream recipe originally consisted of just three ingredients: crushed ice, cream, and coffee syrup. Modern coffee ice cream is made by dissolving the coffee grounds in the ice cream base. This delicacy serves as an excellent base for milkshakes and is widely loved as a dessert. But be careful when treating your kids to coffee ice cream – caffeine can make them wild.

On September 6, National Coffee Ice Cream Day is celebrated this Sunday, which is why we have prepared three simple recipes for you to help you get the most out of this year's holiday.

1. Crunchy Coffee Ice Cream

There’s no denying that homemade desserts are the best ones. To make your own coffee ice cream, combine some hot water, instant coffee granules, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy whipping cream. To make a more texturized treat, try adding a bunch of chocolate chips. After that, freeze your mixture for six hours and prepare to taste this crunchy confection that you’ve made in the privacy of your home without using any expensive equipment.

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The quarantine will end someday, but the skills and knowledge that you will gain through online courses, self-education, and our recipes will remain with you forever.

2. Mocha Milkshakes

Milkshakes are portable coffee ice cream, so they’re perfect if you want to go outside or have a picnic. Milkshakes are quick and easy to do, requiring just a few ingredients: coffee ice cream, milk, and cocoa powder. Blend all the ingredients until smooth and add whipped cream for topping. Feel free to experiment to get the ideal bitter-to-sweet flavor. You can substitute milk for cold brew coffee or add traditional vanilla instead of coffee ice cream.

3. Affogato

Affogato is a classic Italian café staple. The only two ingredients you need to make it are a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of hot espresso. Slowly pour the coffee over your ice cream, drowning dessert that lives up to its name.