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George Martin is one of the most famous writers of our time, who gained wide popularity thanks to the TV series based on his books. Game of Thrones has broken an incredible number of records in recent years. The author of the series A Song of Ice and Fire, George Martin, turned 72 on September 20. In honor of such a holiday, we decided to share the most interesting facts about his life.

  • From an early age, George Martin was fascinated by scary stories. And it seems like by business, too, because he sold his first stories to the children from his neighborhood.
  • Initially, George Martin thought that fantasy stories would not interest anyone, so he preferred to write science fiction.
  • Glasses, cap, suspenders, and a white beard are the symbols of George Martin. He can no longer imagine himself looking different and is afraid that his fans won’t recognize him without his accessories.
  • George Martin no longer likes forums with his fans. Yes, “no longer.” Previously, he used to read interesting discussions and comments there. Of course, there were a lot of guesses, and one in a thousand was correct. This is what made Martin extremely upset, so he stopped reading forums.