A side job will help you weather the temporary drop in income caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Both highly qualified designers or programmers and people without special skills can find a part-time job on the Internet to have an additional source of income. Our team will tell you about sites where you can look for orders.

1. Upwork

There are orders for software engineers, designers, translators, writers, and other professionals. Your photo is required to register. You will have to pay 15 cents for each response.

2. We Work Remotely

Here international companies are looking for programmers, marketing specialists, copywriters, SMM-managers, and support specialists ready to work from anywhere in the world.

How to Save Money During the Coronavirus Pandemic
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3. Flexjobs

A site with remote job vacancies in 50 categories, both in a specific country and worldwide. There are some very non-standard jobs, such as podcast producers, proofreaders, and political writers.

4. Guru

You can place a portfolio on the site and search for orders. Programmers and designers are professions that are most in-demand.

5. Freelancer

There are about 13 million registered freelancers on this platform who can apply for jobs from employers. The development of the site costs $300 and more. A logo or text costs from $50.