The main life hack of this winter.

In Handy Tips, we find ways to improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you how to clear your stuffy nose.

Not only winter or common cold can cause a stuffy nose. Stuffiness can also be the result of a sudden attack of allergies or a blood pressure surge. The fastest way to eliminate this trouble is to use decongestant nasal sprays, the dangers of which are known to everyone who has ever used them. They become addictive more than hard drugs right away, and long-term use of them can make you end up in the surgeon's office.

We offer you easier ways to get rid of stuffiness. To breathe deeply, try any of the three methods.

Method №1

It is your paranasal sinuses that are stuffed. In order to clear them, you need to reduce the pressure in them. The first method is not suitable for everyone, but if the words "fitness club" are not bad words for you, stand on your hands for 20-30 seconds.

Two important clarifications: this shouldn't be your first handstand in eight years, and you shouldn't have a fever. If two of these conditions are not met, proceed with the next points.

Method №2

Feel the inner ends of the eyebrows with your fingers, get down about 5-7 millimeters. There is a point here where you feel pressure with your fingers. You can try to apply light pressure, or you can try making a circular motion around these points. 20-30 seconds will be enough. It is better to perform the procedure while sitting.

Method №3

Press with your finger evenly between the eyebrows, and with your tongue – flat on the palate. After 15-20 seconds, you will feel the effect on the sinuses. This method requires a little training of the tongue: do not press on any specific area – distribute the pressure evenly.