If this year, you have the strength for something more than a decorated gift bag, we have collected several video tutorials that will help you learn how to perfectly wrap any gift.

1. How to tie a simple bow

Everything is much easier than it seems at first glance: after practicing a couple of times, you will learn how to do everything with your eyes closed.

2. How to tie a gorgeous bow

Such a bow will turn any gift into a royal one. Tying this kind of bow is not as difficult as it seems.

3. How to wrap a gift without duct tape

This method of wrapping gifts is called Japanese: perhaps it is a reference to origami and the art of paper folding, or maybe to a viral video, the hero of which can wrap a couple of gifts in less than half a minute.

4. How to wrap a gift with an unusual shape

5. How to decorate the packaging

If you've already mastered the basics of wrapping gifts, you can try your hand at decoration and design. In this video, you will find ten simple tricks that will not require a lot of effort, money, and time.

6. How else to help yourself cope with wrapping

7. How to wrap a cat

Here's a bonus video for those whose best gift is their beloved cat. Remember that not all cats like when you put something on them, so don't try to repeat the experiment if yours resists.