What happens after you’ve eaten all the tangerines and drunk all the champagne? At this point, the holidays are over. To not make the transition from holidays back to work or school turn into a nightmare, we recommend that you study this instruction.

1. How to get back to work

Even if you prudently took a few days off after the New Year holidays, you still have to eventually return to work. We will show you how to do this without stress and unnecessary suffering.

Research suggests that any break in work increases productivity – this can be a motivating factor. Don't forget to sleep well before your first day at work, because, among other benefits, sleep helps us feel happy. And the day before going to work, be sure to take a long walk because contemplation of nature has a positive effect on the brain.

2. How to stop spending money

Financial problems after the holidays is a classic and typical story. There is good news, though. Scientists have proven that emotionally stable people spend more during holidays or vacations, so there is at least something to be happy about. But if you can’t stop spending money, you run the risk of getting into debt – and this is no longer a reason for joy.

Two strategies work with spenders flawlessly: first, keep a budget (at least in a notebook) to visualize your expenses; withdraw money from the card before buying something in order to feel parting with psychical money.

3. How to forget about that embarrassing moment at the party

Even if you don't have memory loss caused by alcohol, drinking during the holidays can make you feel embarrassed about your actions. If something embarrassing really happened, ask yourself three questions: “Does the problem have a solution? Am I just thinking about it, or am I trying to find a solution? What do I get by thinking about this?" The answers to them will help you understand if you are not obsessing over something too much. If you nevertheless messed up, apologize to the person with whom you were too harsh, or buy a vase for a new acquaintance, in whose apartment you accidentally broke it.