If you want to build a successful career in 2021, make sure you have these skills. Whatever your profession is, employers are looking for candidates with developed soft skills more and more often. We've put together the most in-demand skills to master first.

1. Customer orientation

A specialist should take the needs of the client into account. Also, workers with this skill actively look for ways to help people.

2. Time management

Managing your own time and the time of others.

3. The ability to coordinate people

This is the ability to organize people and manage their actions so that the team works harmoniously and with a minimum of mistakes.

4. Social perceptiveness

It is the ability to be aware of other people's reactions and understand why they behave a certain way.

5. The ability to write well

In other words, communicate effectively in writing in accordance with the needs of the audience.

6. Active listening

This is the ability to pay full attention to what the interlocutor is saying, to take the time to understand the thoughts expressed, to ask relevant questions, and not to interrupt.