In Handy Tips, we find ways to improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you how to create a perfect social media account for a man.

1. Profile photo and other photos

Minimalism is the main principle of a man's social media account. The kaleidoscope of endless selfies is not for you. Believe us, male narcissism is not the most attractive quality for women. Ideally, a man's account has only 2-3 photos taken as if by chance. If such restraint is beyond you and you still intend to decorate your page with your face, try to at least avoid the most unforgivable cliches of the selfie genre.

  • Elevator or toilet selfie

Such a selfie is acceptable only if someone accidentally took a photo of you.

  • Workplace selfie

Photos of a sad face next to a pile of papers, a printer, or a computer monitor turn a man from a workaholic into a loafer.

  • Staged selfie

Photos with the sunset, a monkey, a parrot, under a palm tree, in the sea look cute if the boy is seven years old.

  • Excursion selfie

Thirst for knowledge deserves praise, but you don't need to arrange a museum exposition from your account, showing off photos with architectural monuments.

  • Car selfie

As you know, modesty adorns a person. We have long passed the era of carts, and you will hardly surprise anyone with status cars.

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2. Contents of the account/posts

If you are over 17 years old, forget about posting diary notes about your feelings and experiences, endless reposts of cute pictures, aphorisms, and poems on your page. But reposts of economic articles or politics-related materials are welcome: they demonstrate the seriousness of your attitude to life (even if you repost them drunk while being drunk and don't remember anything).

3. Friends

When meeting a man online, a woman first checks the number and gender of his friends. Pages with a huge army of fans rarely help build a serious relationship and simply scare away. So you don't need to overdo it with your female friends. If they want to send you a funny video with a kitten, let them do it in personal messengers.