In this article, we will tell you how to prepare for a video job interview to make sure you perform successfully and definitely land the job.

1. Choose a comfortable place for an interview

It is important to choose a quiet and well-lit place for interviewing. Turn on your webcam and make sure nothing odd is visible in the background, and you can be clearly seen. Warn family members about the interview and ask them to be quiet during this time. It is better to close your pets in another room for a while to avoid unnecessary sounds.

2. Check all the hardware in advance

It is very important to test your webcam, Wi-Fi, laptop/computer, and video conferencing software on the day of your interview. And by the way, change your username if it hasn't changed from "littleprincess97" since school.

4 Crucial Tips for Writing a Great Resume
In a good company, the decision to either work with you or not will not be based solely on your resume, but a sloppy resume can make the recruiter think: if you can’t put in the effort to create a good resume, will you do your best at work? Well, it is unlikely.

3. Think about what you are going to say about yourself

As with any interview, you need to carefully prepare for your video job interview in many ways. Think about how you are going to answer the basic questions: why do you want to work in this company, what can you tell about yourself, why you are leaving your current job. It would be great if you rehearse the answers on camera before the interview.

4. Choose appropriate clothes

Dressing up for a video call might seem weird, but it's imperative. Your minimum is clean hair, ironed clothes, and clothes that make you look presentable. You don't have to wear a jacket and tie, but definitely no pajamas!