How much of a tip should one leave? Yeah, 10 to 15 percent of the pretax total of your bill, we know that. But can this percentage decrease or increase depending on the circumstances of the dinner? It sure can! And here's how.

Here's a comprehensive guide to tipping at cafes, restaurants, bars, gelaterias, bistros, teahouses, and other eating establishments of all countries and continents!

  • Spilled a drink: +2%
  • Winked at the waitress: +7%
  • Came with a loud child: +5% for each child
  • The waiter asked: "What are you going to eat tonight?": -10%
  • In the middle of dinner, you knelt down and proposed to your girlfriend, making the surrounding men feel guilty in front of their ladies: +5%
  • Winked at the waitress again: +9%
  • Asked to add boiling water twice: +5%
  • Asked in detail about the dish of the day, and in the end ordered a burger: +3%
  • The waiter didn’t bring you what you ordered, because he "didn’t need to write it down, he could remember everything": -12%
  • Tried to become friends with the waiter by asking questions like "How are you? Are you satisfied with your job?": +3%
  • Asked to split a bill among three or more people: +5% for each
  • The waiter took your glass, although it was still full: -3%
  • The child vomited: +3% for each child.
  • Winked at the waitress again: +3%
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