When something happens, someone should report about it by calling 911 or ambulance. Google developers will include sensors into Pixel phones to gather data about the accident. If the car crash did happen, the phone would make a loud sound of an alarm, and if no one cancels it, the Pixel device will automatically transmit your location to the emergency services of the USA.

According to the leaks, the Personal Safety app uses motion sensors and “ambient audio” sounds from the microphone to identify the crash, similar to the Amazon Alexa Guard. Most likely it reacts on the sounds of broken glass or break-ins. The company admits that the system is quite sensitive, though, and there can be occasions when the app can activate by a shrill sound. User should choose “I’m okay” button to avoid a false emergency call, but the system will repeatedly ask what happened. Thus, the software can improve the recognition and the accuracy of its functioning. Also, users can add their emergency contacts so that the system could inform your dearest you need help.

Yet the app will work and support only the U.S. audience, and only the Pixel 4 will be packed with Personal Safety app; however, it can spread throughout older devices and cover more countries.

Anyway, it can make a significant impact on saving more lives. Nowadays, the statistics of daily car accidents with the tragic outcome is deplorable. On the 15th of October, Google will unveil more details about this app.