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The Complete List of Data That Google, Facebook, and Other Social Media and Tech Giants Know About You

If all of a sudden, you are not registered in any of the listed social networking services and was just about to create an account there, read this article carefully, and think again.

How to Choose the Right VPN Service in 2020

VPN has become an integral and even necessary element of any Internet user’s life since a VPN will protect your personal information. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right one among hundreds of available options.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN

VPN technology is being mentioned on social networks and media more often. This happens because people’s favorite online services suddenly get blocked, and states openly share their plans to collect more information about Internet users.

What Is Tor? A Manual for Dummies

Tor is a router system that serves to create an anonymous encrypted connection through a chain of proxies. It is an independent network of virtual channels, allowing you to transfer encrypted data within the network.

What Is SSL? A Manual for Dummies

The SSL protocol is used for authentication with the server before transferring data from applications, as well as for negotiating cryptography algorithms and session keys.

What Is a Firewall? A Manual for Dummies

A firewall is a set of tools for monitoring and filtering network traffic according to predefined rules. There are software firewalls that are installed on a computer, and hardware firewalls in the form of an external unit.

What Is a Proxy Server? A Manual for Dummies

A proxy server is basically a computer that acts as an intermediary and allows a client to make requests to other servers in the global network.

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