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Arc Search Introduces a New 'Call Arc' Feature for iPhone Users

With Call Arc, users initiate a voice search by opening the Search Arc app, holding the phone to their ear, and asking their question aloud. The feature then delivers voice responses directly to the user, mimicking a real phone conversation.

The Customizable Arc Browser Finally Expands to Windows

The Windows version of Arc retains the core features that have captivated Mac users, including customizable web spaces, a command bar for streamlined browsing, and integrated audio and video controls.

The Browser Company Released Arc Search, Its New iOS App That Focuses on Searching

When you input a query, a "Browse for me" button appears next to it. Clicking it prompts the browser to analyze available articles on the topic and create a mini-website summarizing the information.

Arc Browser Launches a Beta Version for Windows, Expanding Its Browser Ecosystem

Developers behind Arc have initiated beta testing for the Windows version, which has garnered significant interest with over 500,000 applications for early access.

Google Announces Top Chrome Extensions of 2023

Google has unveiled its list of the best Chrome extensions of 2023, showcasing a variety of tools that cater to productivity, online shopping, accessibility, and more.

Google Launches a New .meme Top-Level Domain for Memes

Whether you're sharing relatable scenarios, expressing emotions, or simply embracing randomness, the .meme domain offers endless creative possibilities. Express yourself, make the internet laugh, and spread your ideas.

Google Launches a New .ing Top-Level Domain for Unique Web Addresses

Users can now purchase these domains during an early access period, albeit at an extra one-time cost, which will gradually decrease each day until December 5. After the official launch, no additional fees will apply.

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