At the end of the year, the YouTube team decided to please us with some innovations. Instead of completely removing copyright-infringing videos, YouTube allowed to “trim” them.

YouTube video hosting has launched an updated YouTube Studio toolbar, in which content authors can see which videos were removed, who submitted the copyright takedown notice, and actions you can take to resolve the strike.
The new panel contains detailed information about the requirements of copyright holders: the owner of the channel sees which videos have been deleted due to copyright infringement, as well as who filed the complaint. From here, you can also appeal to the YouTube administration.

The “Restrictions” window appeared on the “Video” tab, showing specific fragments that violate someone’s rights or are offensive. If the forbidden piece is in the video, then with the help of the Trim tool, you can cut it, and if the matter is with music, then you can immediately replace or disable it.

The new toolbar will help authors not to lose monetization. However, it does not solve the main problem when the copyright holder can erroneously file complaints or intentionally manipulate the system.

YouTube team claimed, “We have many more updates coming 2020 that will improve your copyright experience on YouTube. Stay tuned!”