To be more precise, this one is an imitation of a social network called Botnet. This social network claims to be a full-fledged social platform and somehow strongly resembles Twitter. The only thing you need to do to register is to indicate your first and last names, and add a photo. From that moment, you become a real and valued member of the Botnet community. You can post anything and enjoy the rain of likes and enthusiastic comments.

Social network without haters as it is | Screenshot / Botnet

The whole thing looks as natural as possible even though they’re bots and not real-life fans who write comments and like your posts. And in case if you’re tired of ass-lickers and all-consuming love from bots, and you want a tiny bit of negativity, for a small fee you can get a dose of comments from haters and bot trolls. The app is available on iOS.

The developer said what guided him while working on the app: “This started as a fun thought experiment around how we can use bots for good (considering all the negative uses lately). What if there are always people to talk to and share opinions with? Maybe the world would feel less lonely (albeit simulated)."

We dare to note that bots can joke appropriately and understand modern meme trends the way that makes it hard to distinguish them from communicating with living people.