A year ago, Telegram began to announce contests for the TON blockchain platform among Android, iOS, and JS developers.

The first competition was held on March 10, 2019, and the prize was $125,000.

Throughout the year, many contests were held, and the second round of the Telegram coding contest has recently ended. The task was to develop smart contracts for the TON platform. In the latest competition, each smart contract/project was evaluated independently. As a result, 34 prizes went to 26 participants.

The main criteria for determining the winners were the security and stability of smart contracts. The relative complexity of the implementation played a secondary role. The highest ratings went to smart contracts without critical errors. Smart contracts with errors that could potentially lead to a leak or theft of funds were rated significantly lower than works of similar complexity, but without critical vulnerabilities.

Here's a list of winners of the second round of the TON Blockchain competition (with a brief description of the submitted works):

Shiny Giraffe – €5,000 + additional €4,000

  • Conditional transfer smart contract, useful for crowdfunding, escrow, custody, etc.
  • Data storage proxy contract that stores data and allows using it, respecting the data owner, access rights, and attributes.

Eager Boar – €5,000 + additional €4,000

  • TON Goods, an ecosystem for buying and selling goods. Contracts for buyers and sellers.
  • TON Register, a school mark register that allows teachers to give students marks and students to view them.

Mellow Squid – €5,000 + additional €3,000

  • The Chat Game. Item collection in Telegram chats.
  • OracleHub, a marketplace for querying services external to the blockchain.

Groovy Fly – €4,000 + additional €2,000

  • Dota2 Auto Chess game.
  • A set of simple tutorial-style contracts for TON beginners.

Nice Llama – €4,000 + additional €2,000

  • ERC20 contract example.
  • Mixer contract for a predefined list of users.

Hip Hyena – €3,000 + additional €3,000

  • Auction platform supporting three types of auctions: an English open auction and two blind ones, first-price and second-price sealed-bid auctions.
  • Gambling framework, currently supporting lottery and blackjack.

Desert Falcon – €3,000 + additional €2,000

  • Encrypted messenger supporting a list of messages, contacts, and a blacklist.
  • Smart contract manager that allows to create, update and delete smart contracts.

Merry Ant – €3,000 + additional €2,000

  • Decentralized exchange supporting Grams, TRC20 tokens, and additional currencies.
  • ERC20 contract example.

Chic Dolphin – €4,000

  • 2/3 Multi-signature wallet in Fift.

Funny Deer – €4,000

  • Instant American roulette.

Dreamy Snail – €4,000

  • Charity foundation wallet proxy, which multiplies incoming payments by a specified campaign factor and sends them on to the destination wallet.

Classy Bee – €3,000

  • ADNL client, the first phase of an ambitious project that will need a lot more work to make it safe and usable.

Mad Crow – €3,000

  • Staking pool for validators.

Night Turkey – €3,000

  • One-time staking pool for validators.

Slim Dodo – €3,000

  • One-time staking pool for validators.

Dreamy Pug – €3,000

  • Expenses upon contracts termination.

Dreamy Chicken – €3,000

  • "3 of 13" lottery.

Shiny Shrimp – €2,000

  • ICO smart contract that allows conducting fundraising events for various projects.

Dreamy Crab – €2,000

  • Roulette-like lottery.

Lucky Scorpion – €2,000

  • A non-custodial validated wallet that supports 2-Factor Authentication for transactions via a Telegram bot.

Cuddly Hamster – €2,000

  • Karma System for community self-regulation, supporting likes/dislikes, and donations.

Small Kitten – €2,000

  • Fixed-price store for event tickets.

Grim Duck – €2,000

  • Bearer cheques.

Funny Owl – €2,000

  • MLM wallet proxy that sends 1% of incoming funds to another wallet.

Big Elk – €2,000

  • Partial implementation of TON Proxy in C++. The server is discovered through TON DHT.

Bold Wolf – €2,000

  • One prize for two projects, a solution for hosting small files and a simple mixer.