A popular social Network TikTok introduced a new feature – the "Family Safety Mode." It will allow parents to link an account to their child's account and configure security settings in it.

To be able to manage your child's privacy settings and link accounts, you need to identify yourself as a parent and scan the QR code from the screen of the teenager's smartphone.

After that, parents will be able to limit the list of users who can write to their kid, or completely disable the function of direct messages.

Also, the feature will allow you to determine how much time a day your child should spend in the app, as well as limit content that is inappropriate for a teenager.

Feroza Aziz Gets Her TikTok Account Restored | The Internet Protocol
Aziza is not the first teenager who tries to convey global social issues through TikTok, but she’s the first one who has managed to restore her account with the help of Trump.

It is also known that TikTok has disabled the private messages section for all users under the age of 16. Such measures had been taken because in 2019, it was noticed that some people used to send inappropriate messages to young users of the service.

Launched in mid-2018, the TikTok video platform that allows you to upload short videos, has now become one of the most popular apps after Facebook and Instagram. The number of its users worldwide exceeded 500 million people.

Besides the launching of the Family Safety Mode, TikTok partnered with its creators to produce a series of security videos related to screening time management. It will encourage users to take a break from their phones. Such videos will be added to TikTop Tips.

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TikTok told its moderators to suppress videos made by users who were deemed poor, ugly, disabled, or obese because this would help attract new users to the social platform.