Microsoft has officially announced the closing date of the Wunderlist to-do application. On May 6, 2020, Wunderlist ceased to exist. From now on, Wunderlist to-do lists no longer sync. Starting today, Microsoft no longer accepts Wunderlist subscriptions.

Microsoft bought the company 6Wunderkinder, which was the developer of the Wunderlist app, in the summer of 2015. In April 2017, Microsoft released its own app called To-Do that is similar to Wunderlist. In September, an updated version of the To-Do application was released, which in its features and capabilities came even closer to Wunderlist. It also received integration with several Microsoft services, including Outlook, Microsoft Planner, and Cortana.

Microsoft and Google Adopted Some of Zoom Features
Due to the high popularity of Zoom, Microsoft and Google have become more active. Both giant companies introduced features that you may find familiar if you have ever used Zoom.

As soon as the legendary Wunderlist ceased to exist, the new product related to the favorite task scheduler appeared. Christian Reber, the co-founder of 6Wunderkinder, has announced the upcoming launch of a new application called Superlist.

However, the Superlist page does not contain any details yet. So, there are no details about it except that it is a tool for effective teamwork.

Even though Reber is a co-founder of Superlist, he will not take actual participation in its management. The part of the team involved in the development of Wunderlist has moved to Superlist.