In the updated April report, Facebook said that the social network found 50 million messages with fake information about the novel coronavirus. It is noted that in March, 40 million posts with fakes news related to COVID-18 were discovered. For preventing the spread of false and misleading information, the Facebook team put warning labels on about 50 million posts.

The company noted that 95% of readers do not switch to the original entries thanks to the warning labels that appear on fake posts. The company explained that they collaborate with more than 60 organizations that verify the accuracy of the information in more than 50 languages.

Facebook and Instagram Will Temporarily Ban Medical Masks Ads
The ban will cover ads on such social media platforms as Facebook and Instagram as well as commercial listings on Facebook Marketplace.

In mid-April, Facebook also decided to start showing special messages from the World Health Organization (WHO) about the COVID-19 myths in News Feed to users who like or comment on posts with misinformation about coronavirus.

At the same time, pop-up windows were created to access official information from the World Health Organization about the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook to Give $1,000 to Each Employee to Help Amid the Pandemic
Facebook plans to give each employee a bonus of $1,000 to help them during the quarantine. Zuckerberg will also provide $20 million in donations to support the global relief effort of COVID-19.