The streaming service Netflix often tests new features on a limited number of users to find out in real conditions, whether they should be implemented in the final version of the application or not. One of the latest experiments that eventually became available to all users was the ability to change the playback speed. Now, Netflix is testing Shuffle Play.

The Shuffle Play button can appear in one of the following places: under the profile selection window, on the start screen with a list of movies and TV shows, or in the side menu of the TV if you are using the Smart TV app. In the latter case, the button may not be called Shuffle Play, but Play Something.

Netflix has already confirmed testing of the new feature, saying that it allows viewers to "quickly and easily find content that's tailored to their tastes," without wasting time on the agony of choice.

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Netflix started testing Shuffle Play last month, but only in TV apps for select members worldwide. Shuffle Play is not the completely random "roulette", the service will offer films and series in this mode based on the viewing history and your liked list. Thus, Netflix users will be able to get a potential gem, which all the time passed before.

Netflix hopes that with this new feature, streaming service will be more like traditional TV when you turn it on, and something starts playing, and viewers don't have to spend a lot of time on choosing what to watch.