Google announced the introduction of captions for video and audio messages on Google Duo. All recorded audio and video messages sent via Google Duo will display subtitles at the bottom of the screen when you play the voicemail, just above the 'Call' button. This functionality differs from the standard Live Caption feature on Android that is automatically converting any spoken word to text on the device. Duo's auto-captioning feature only works with recorded messages and not with live video calls.

As Google notes in the announcement, Duo's captions support can be useful when you urgently need to listen to a message in a noisy place. It is a great addition to the accessibility list of Google Duo.

The new feature is already available for iOS and Android versions of the app, but captions for messages may not be immediately available to all users and may appear on all devices in the coming weeks.

Just the other day, there were rumors that in the future, Google plans to close Duo, replacing it with Meet, a service for video calls of similar functionality.