In Handy Tips, we find ways to improve your life and make it easier and explain why these tips work. Today, we will tell you how to find out who the owner of the WhatsApp account talks to the most.

Do you know that WhatsApp has a hidden counter that allows you to see who the owner of the WhatsApp account talks to the most and shares photos and videos with most often? Now you know. Therefore, we advise you to closely monitor your smartphone, and even better to set a passcode. Especially if you do not want someone to know about your communication with a person "classified as secret."

How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Smartphone
Officially, you cannot use two WhatsApp accounts on one smartphone. But there is a way out. Many Android smartphones have a feature called Dual Apps or Dual Mode, which allows you to use two different accounts on one device.

So, WhatsApp has a hidden counter that allows users to see with whom they most often shared photos and videos.

If you are interested in the total number of messages sent and received:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app.
  2. Click "Settings" -> "Data and Storage Usage" -> "Network Usage."

This section will give you an idea of how many messages you have sent and how many of them you have received.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages
If you accidentally deleted the WhatsApp app icon or restored your smartphone to the original factory settings and now think that all your chats are gone, don’t get discouraged. There is a chance to save the situation and retrieve everything that seems permanently lost.

To see a complete list of messages, videos, photos, etc. click "Settings" -> "Data and Storage Usage" -> "Storage Usage."

Clicking on any particular chat will show you how much space each category takes on your smartphone, as well as how many messages you've shared.