In 2020, Epic Games promised several functional updates for its store, and now the development team has announced the first details.

In the future, a new feature called Party System will appear in the Epic Games launcher that will allow players to join groups and communicate through voice and text chats. With shared controls for all team members, players can join and leave conversations at any time.

Epic Games’ MetaHuman Tool Will Let You Create Realistic Faces in a Browser
The new cloud-streamed app will make the process of creating real-time digital humans simpler and less time-consuming, allowing you to spend less than an hour rather than weeks or months on a single character.

The Active Party Window is also mentioned. It is a special window for the group with which the user interacts most often. The group will not have a single organizer, so users can join and leave the group, while others can continue to chat. In the party window, each participant will be able to adjust their personal audio and video settings.

The developers are also finalizing the Social Panel, which will receive a number of functional innovations this month. These include a smaller chat panel that allows you to view notifications without having to open it completely in a separate window, player cards, an improved search tool, and a "do not disturb" mode to mute notifications about invitations or requests during games.