WhatsApp has introduced two new features aimed at enhancing privacy and security within the messaging platform.

One of the key additions is the option to silence calls from unknown numbers. Users can now enable this feature in the privacy settings, which will mute incoming calls from unfamiliar numbers. Although these calls will not ring on the user's phone, they will still be visible in the call list and notifications.

WhatsApp’s New Feature Lets You Lock and Hide Sensitive Chats
The new feature called Chat Lock allows users to keep individual conversations more private by locking them and placing them in specialized folders that are only accessible via biometrics or by entering a phone’s password.

While it is not yet possible to completely block incoming calls from unknown numbers, this new feature provides an additional layer of protection against spam, scams, and calls from unfamiliar individuals. Users can easily identify these silenced calls in the call history and decide whether they are important enough to return.

In addition to the silence feature, WhatsApp is also introducing a "Privacy Checkup." This new tool aims to inform users about the privacy and security options available on the platform. The checkup guides users through various privacy settings, including controlling who can contact them and enhancing account security through features like two-step verification and biometric authentication.

Protecting user privacy and ensuring secure communication remains a top priority for WhatsApp. Alongside end-to-end encryption, the platform continues to introduce new features that provide users with increased control over their privacy settings.