Google is introducing a new search feature called Perspectives, aimed at providing different viewpoints in search results, ideally from real users on social media platforms. These perspectives will be available in a new tab called Perspectives, which will display relevant posts from blogs and other sources that the ranking system deems as opinions from individual people.

By utilizing this filter, users will see long and short videos, images, and various posts that people have shared on forums and social media platforms, according to Google. Journalists from The Verge who have tested the new feature describe it as "more like Pinterest than a typical set of Google results."

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With the launch of the Perspectives feed, Google seems to be aiming to provide diverse human perspectives directly in search results. The company initially announced the Perspectives tab during the Google I/O event in May, stating that the feature would roll out in the following weeks.

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The Perspectives feature is part of Google's ongoing efforts to reimagine how users navigate through vast amounts of information on the web and connect with real people and their experiences.