Google has expanded the capabilities of its AI chatbot, Bard, to integrate with Gmail, Docs, and Drive, enabling users to retrieve and summarize information from their emails and documents with ease.

This new integration, referred to as Bard Extensions, streamlines productivity by allowing users to ask Bard to extract relevant data from their Gmail inbox or Drive storage. For instance, users can request summaries of emails or key points from documents stored in Google Drive.

While these integrations provide convenience, Google is committed to ensuring user privacy and data security. Users can opt-in to enable Bard's access to Gmail and Drive, and the data accessed will not be used for training Bard's public model, nor will it be viewed by human reviewers. Users maintain control over these integrations and can disable them at any time.

Additionally, Google has implemented a "Google It" button within Bard that verifies the accuracy of its answers using Google Search, highlighting validated information in green and unverified information in orange. This feature aims to enhance trust in Bard's responses and will assist in refining the chatbot's accuracy over time.

Google Introduces a Major Update for Its AI Chatbot Bard
With this update, Bard becomes available to users in over 180 countries and territories, supporting 40 languages, including commonly spoken ones as well as regional languages.

Furthermore, Bard is now available in over 40 languages, making it accessible to a wider global audience.